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Friday, October 03, 2008

temporary post

This next bit is just my personal notes that I typed in-between classes. I will go home and use my notes to improve the curriculum and update Lifeprint.
I'm using this blog as a "very" convenient way and for the most part "secure" way to make notes and transfer them from anywhere. You are welcome to read them...chances are the "notes" wont' be here very long. The Journal entries will though.
-- Dr. Bill

Notes: Level 1 items for unit 1 review:
fix here if what many how-many why need video movie bad good more work outside ("let's see the card") "it is your turn" "you start"

Level 2 items for unit 4 review: fair/equal outside sometimes socks habit clothes dirty summer winter before-now before-event glasses should/must/need/ought-to wind cat washing clothes purple refridgerator

change president weather month finished
snow white vs like

"If you choose to use lip movements while spelling your name, please use the correct pronunciation of your name as a whole rather than individual letters." Spell your name smoothly

D vs F bedroom before-now before-event hearing-person, hearing-aid, hearing going down, travel train vs training=practice

fish vs fishing year year-lazy-version year-last year-(two years ago) battery

life "the use of the word no"
yesterday vs home tomorrow vs girl rain freeze

silly breakfast what-kind first last wish can't step-father

soap put Sunday bug ""E" GET=receive GET="hit me" backpack