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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

In a message dated 11/14 10:24:03 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, a student writes:
Hello Professor Vicars,
My name is Elizabeth O_______.
I am recently diagnosed with Meniere'sDisease/Sudden Hearing Loss. I am enrolled at Brookdale Community Collegein ASL 101 and am working on a 5 minute autobiography. Is there a sign forhearing dog?
Thank you,

To sign "Hearing Dog" you do the sign for "HEARING-(culturally)" and then snap your fingers. It might seem that it would be better to to sign "Hearing Dog" as "HEARING-(sense of hearing)" and then snap the fingers, but that isn't what I see in my area. So, I asked my friend Pam (whom I consider very knowledgeable about "Hearing Dogs" and Deaf dog adoptions) and she said she uses the "HEARING-(culturally)" version and it's the only one she's seen "out there."
--Dr. V